Utrecht University Team Hosts Workshop on Tax Gaps

On December 4 and 5, 2018, COFFERS project coordinator Brigitte Unger organized a workshop to tackle the pressing issue of tax gaps, and managed to invite EUROSTAT, DG TAXUD, and IBDF. During this workshop, “The 4-5 tiers of tax gaps” theory conceived by Richard Murphy was presented and different ways in which his model could be implemented were illustrated. The question of how institutions such as the above mentioned ones could contribute in tackling the problem of tax gaps, and accordingly operationalize this tax gaps theory, was raised. Among other presentations, EUROSTAT shed some light on the portion of GDP that the illicit economy occupies, DG TAXUS provided an insight on the VAT tax gap, and IBDF suggested some potential approaches to measure tax gaps. After two days dedicated to the topic of tax gaps and its implications for COFFERS, Brigitte Unger and Richard Murphy gave a glimpse on what the next steps concerning this compelling issue are, and we will hopefully be able to know more about it soon.

Written By coffers