COFFERS participation in the ECE conference 2017

Brigitte Unger PI of COFFERS met Asa Gunnarsson PI of FAIRTAX in Brno, Czech Republic 9th and 10th of March. Both are EU Horizon 2020 projects on taxation that end in 2019.

At the conference Brigitte Unger presented COFFERS, Combating Fiscal Fraud and Empowering Regulators, which focuses on tax regulation and its impact. Asa Gunnarsson presented FAIRTAX which deals with sustainable tax systems and gender equality.

Richard Murphy, Petr Jansky and Miroslav Palansky presented papers at the Brno conference.

Petr Janský from CUNI took part in the FairTax special session of the conference Enterprise and Competitive Environment 2017

In his presentation titled “Country-by-Country Reporting Data and Locations of European Banks’ Activities and Profits” Petr Janský presented some COFFERS-supported as well as other research results on misalignment between reported profits and real economic activity across countries.

Miroslav Palanský from Charles Univesity presented a draft of a paper called “Estimating the scale of corporate profit shifting: Tax revenue losses related to foreign direct investment” written jointly with another COFFERS team member, Petr Janský. The paper uses bilateral foreign direct investment data to estimate, at country level, tax revenue losses that result from some corporate profit shifting practices.”


Link to the conference is found here

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