Brigitte Unger Inspires Next Generation of Money Laundering Professionals


This week COFFERS project leader Brigitte Unger spoke with European students to inspire the next generation of money laundering professionals.

With Money laundering high up on the European agenda, more and more pupils from high school show interest in COFFERS and money laundering.

Lucky students from Brabant, Netherlands Anne van Poppel and Nina van Helmond visited Utrecht University School of Economics this week to speak to Professor Unger and learn more about the latest developments in money laundering. Whilst university students from Paris-Dauphine University as well as high school students from across the Netherlands also had the opportunity to speak to Professor Unger via Skype. These burgeoning money laundering professionals are now writing their first research pieces on money laundering which may one day lead to an exciting career in combatting fiscal fraud

Through this initiative USE aims to capitalise upon this interest and inspire as well as foster talent that will be critical to the success of anti-money laundering efforts in the future.

Written By coffers