COFFERS Markus Meinzer featured in ‘Die Story’ at WDR

The European Union’s competition commissioner Ms Vestager sent a welcome, yet shocking wave around the globe when it ruled in 2016  that Apple has to pay around € 13bn in back taxes due to illegal state aid granted by the Irish fisk to the multinational.

This documentary portrays the intriguing experience by an association of small business owners in Germany who set out to use similar tax avoidance tricks as large multinational corporations do. It also discusses some of the the potential solutions for tackling the issues, including the proposal for public country by country reporting, a policy featuring centrally on COFFERS’ research and the EU’s current political agenda.

Available here at WDR here

Featuring COFFERS’ Markus Meinzer, working package 2 leader at [24:39-25:29; 36:18-36.58; 39:56-40:30]

Written By coffers