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The second COFFERS training event arrives towards the end of the three year European Commission research project. COFFERS explores issues of money laundering, tax evasion and tax avoidance in the European context with the express purpose of tackling Europe’s expanding inequalities. The consortium has produced a wide range of research outputs. These include the COFFERS tools. These tools are purposed to empower regulators, researchers and civil society. The COFFERS training event focuses on these tools, detailing their composition, outlining the considerations made in their development, and providing instruction on how to use them. We also introduce some of the COFFERS research cases. Read more here.

About Coffers

The European Union confronts expanded inequalities across a range of areas from gender, to generational, wealth, mobility and opportunity. One underlying factor common to these expanded inequalities is deficiencies in fiscal systems. The ‘Combatting Fiscal Fraud and Empowering Regulators’ (COFFERS) project seeks to redress these deficiencies as policy innovation at national, regional and international levels undergoes a period of accelerated development. The consortium identifies deficiencies and opportunities for upgrading in tax law, tax policy development, tax administration and enforcement at the EU level and across Member States. We track the tax gap and regulatory innovation. We trace how expert networks, jurisdictions and taxpayers adapt to and negotiate rapid evolutionary change. We transmit forward looking risk assessment and policy advice to intervene in that evolutionary process.




If you have any questions regarding the COFFERS project, please contact the project coordinator prof. dr. Brigitte Unger at

COFFERS is partnered in collaboration with the FairTax EU project.